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Pocket PC Astronomy Program- Pocket Stars PDA

Pocket PC Astronomy Program- Pocket Stars PDA

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1.   Introduction

2.   Pocket Stars PDA Overview

3.   Tap-and-Hold Feature

4.   Latitude and Longitude

5.   Info Page

6.   Rise and Set Page

7.   Lunar Phase Page

8.   Download Table




Pocket Stars PDA is a high accuracy star chart, ephemeris, and Celestial Navigation calculator for the Pocket PC. The ultimate portable astronomy tool. Check out a few of the cool features below!  


Pocket Stars PDA- Pocket PC star program

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Functionality for various screens shown below.

Also, see download table below.


Pocket Stars PDA program for Windows Pocket PC

Pocket Stars PDA Overview

When Pocket Stars starts up, it displays an overhead view of the sky.To select a single body or star simply click on the screen.  A green square is drawn to highlight the selection, and live measurements of the calculated altitude (Hc) and azimuth (Az) are shown in the upper left corner along with the magnitude (M).

To scroll the sky, just drag the selection.

To zoom, use the plus and minus magnifiers.

The home button repositions the viewing point to directly over the users position, removing all pan and scroll effects.  


Tap and Hold- Pocket Stars PDA program for Windows Pocket PC

Tap-and-Hold Feature

If you tap-and-hold on the star chart, a menu is displayed showing frequently used options which affect the chart presentation.

 Zoom - select from a number of common zoom settings.

Info... Show information about the selected object.

Find... Search for a body, star, constellation or Messier/Caldwell object by name, and optionally move that object to the center of the chart.

Full Screen - Remove the title bar at the top of the screen to increase the star chart real estate.

Horizon - select a horizon to view or zenith. 

Horizon.Flip East-West is used to mirror the star chart vertically, switching the position of East and West.  When viewing the screen overhead, in line with the stars, leave this unchecked.  When viewing the chart with the screen on a tabletop, check this item. 

Center - center the selected object on the screen.


Latitude and Longitude- Pocket Stars PDA program for Windows Pocket PC

Latitude and Longitude

The LatLong Page establishes the central viewing point for the sky as well as the Assumed Position for sight reduction calculations using a sextant.

There are three different ways to select your position.  You can drag the cursor over the world map, select a country and then a city from the listboxes, or enter your position in degrees, minutes, and seconds.

The first 5 entries in the city list are "Custom", user programmable locations which are retained across invocations of Pocket Stars.  You can edit the text designation ("My Backyard") and set Lat/Long either via clicking on the map or manually entering the coordinates.

The map also displays the position of the sun and portions of the world in daylight and night.



Info Page- Pocket Stars PDA program for Windows Pocket PC

Info Page

The Info Page shows additional information about the selected body.  Tap-n-hold on the main star chart to display the Info page.

Press the "Planet", "Star", or "Messier" buttons to display objects of each type.

Hint:  Use the slider control in the upper right corner of the screen to scroll rapidly through all of the bodies.  Or use the << and >> arrows in the upper right corner of the screen to decrement and increment by one.


Rise and Set Page- Pocket Stars PDA program for Windows Pocket PC

Rise and Set Page

The Rise Set Page show the rise, transit, and set times for all bodies. 

Select a date using the calendar at the top of the page, or use the << and >> arrows to move a single day forward or back.

UTC switches the display between local time and UTC.

The bottom line displays either "Standard Time" or "Daylight Saving Time" depending on the date selected.


Lunar Phase Page- Pocket Stars PDA program for Windows Pocket PC

Lunar Phase Page

The Lunar Phase Page shows an animation of the phase of the moon for a month long period.

Select a month to view by using the calendar at the top of the page.

The graphic at the top of the page shows an animation of the relative positions of the moon, earth, and sun (obviously not to scale).  If you click anywhere on the calendar, the animation stops and the lunar position is shown for that particular day.  If you click outside the calendar, the animated display resumes.

Note that in this month, the display shows a blue moon. The blue moon definition employed here is the "second full moon in a calendar month" version invented in March 1946 and foisted on an unsuspecting world by Sky and Telescope.


Device Processor


The  ARM and XScale version supports ALL current PocketPCs and PocketPC phone edition devices.  This includes devices running the following Operating Systems: PocketPC 5.0, PocketPC Phone Edition, PocketPC 2003SE, PocketPC 2003, PocketPC 2002, and all PocketPC 2000 devices using ARM/XScale processors (in summary, all Pocket PCs manufactured since 2001).

  • All Windows Mobile 2003SE
  • All Windows Mobile 2003
  • All PocketPC Phone Edition
  • All PocketPC 2002
  • All PocketPC 200 ARM

    Partial device list:

  • Asus 600, 620, 620BT
  • Asus MyPal A716
  • Audiovox PDA-1032,Thera,5050
  • E-Ten P700,P300
  • Casio Cassiopeia E-200
  • Compaq/HP iPAQ 36xx/37xx/38xx/39xx
  • Dell Axim X5, X3, X3i
  • Fujitsu LOOX 610 Series
  • Hitachi G1000
  • HP iPaq H1910,1935,1940,1945
  • HP iPaq 2215,2210,2215
  • HP iPaq 4155,4355
  • HP iPaq 51xx, 54xx, 55xx series
  • HP Jornada 560 Series
  • iMate
  • Mitec Mio 168,558
  • NEC MobilePro P300
  • Samsung i700
  • Toshiba e310,550,570,740,750,2032
  • Toshiba e400, e800
  • T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition
  • 02 XDA
  • Samsung I-700
  • Siemens SX56 Pocket PC Phone Edition
  • ViewSonic V35,V36,V37


Download  Pocket Stars PDA program for Windows Pocket PC

Pocket Stars PDA

Download Now!





Over-the-Air installation for Pocket PC 2002 and Pocket PC Phone Edition devices only.

Note that this version only supports ARM processors. This includes all PocketPC 2002 devices, all PocketPC Phone Edition devices, and all PocketPC 2000 devices with ARM processors (iPaq, Jornada 560, Dell Axim, O2XDA, etc.)

This "Over the Air" (OTA) version is designed to directly download to your PDA without requiring use of a PC. If you wish to circumvent using a PC as an intermediary in the download process, you can download a self-unpacking file directly to your Pocket PC Phone Edition device. 


Download  Pocket Stars PDA program for Windows Pocket PC

Pocket Stars PDA

Download Now!



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