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Solar System Software Tools

Solar System Software

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1.   Jupsat Pro

2.   LunarPhase Pro

3.   LunarPhase Lite

Featured below are a few helpful tools for astronomers and astrophotographers who have an interest in the Moon and Jupiter. These software programs provide detailed information related to their subject.


JupSat Pro

JupSat Pro provides a range of information on Jupiter and graphically displays the planet (including its Great Red Spot) and the positions of its four main satellites, Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto (in real time) and their shadows.

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Jupiter Software Program: JupSat Pro

Plan observations of Jupiter and simulate Jupiter, its satellites and Great Red Spot

LunarPhase Pro 

LunarPhase Pro (for Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP) is a moon observerís toolkit designed to make your observing sessions more productive. By using the integrated observation planning tools and the general lunar data presented on screen, you'll be able to easily plan for an observing session and be productive while observing. LunarPhase Pro contains an interactive Moon Atlas and over 9,200 features in its database. Maps can be zoomed, panned over and printed out, Search the database for features matching your criteria. Emulate the view through your telescope. These, and many other tools are all integrated together into one low cost solution. No other lunar software package matches the range of tools included.

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Lunar phase software: LunarPhase Pro

Learn about the Moon and how to observe it with LunarPhase Pro

LunarPhase Lite

LunarPhase Lite is a simple application that provides basic information about the Moon and Sun and is of use to photographers, fishermen, gardeners, military, amateur astronomers, etc.

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Lunar phase software: LunarPhase Lite

Basic Moon & Sun information for astronomers, photographers, etc.

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